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Airport Archives: 1948 Story of First Primary Port

1948 story told of first primary port
(Partial article from 1948 Daily Dispatch)

(Editorís note: The following article is information obtained from the Sept. 8, 1948 edition of the Daily Dispatch involving the near completion of the first primary port at the Brainerd-Crow Wing County Airport)

At the present time three runways, taxiways and airplane parking aprons have been completed and are ready for use at the Brainerd-Crow Wing County Airport. Wind socks and markers have also been installed.


The NW-SE runway is 4,085 feet long. The NE-SW runway is 3,315 feet long. The third runway is N-S and is 3,526 feet long. All runways have clear approaches at the glide angle of 40:1 or better except the south-easterly end of the NW-SE runway where the glide angle is 30:1 in order to clear Highway 210 by the statutory limit of 15 feet.


The runways are paved with crushed gravel, stabilized with asphalt and are 75 feet wide. Paved taxiways are 40 feet wide. Parking aprons equipped with tie-downs are 150 feet wide.

Working plans have been prepared for an administration building, water supply, sewage disposal, lighting of two runways, the installing of a beacon light and the erection of a safety fence. These plans are now being processed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. In all probability this work cannot be done until the spring and early summer of 1949.

1,475 ACRES

The airport consists of about 1,475 acres and includes a ski hill which is used for skiing in the winter and for motorcycle hill climbing contests in the summer. The site may easily be adapted to public recreational purposes which will in no way interfere with the use of the airport. It has one and one-half miles of shoreline along the Mississippi River.


The Brainerd-Crow Wing County Airport Commission is authorized by law to enter into ground leases to portions of the airport site for terms as long as 30 years for the erection of buildings and the establishment of private business enterprises which may be of an aeronautical or non-aeronautical nature, Walter F. Wieland, chairman of the commission, said. In the airport master plan approved by both the Minnesota Department of Aeronautics and the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration areas have been plotted and set apart for such purposes.



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